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Who We Are

APO PLUS is an Insurance brokerage company who has been present on the Serbian insurance market since 2006.


APO PLUS enjoys a high level of confidence and experience in this market, both in the area of concluding insurance contracts and resolving claims, which is of great benefit to our clients.


The APO PLUS team in Serbia employs highly educated, experienced and skilled professionals. All employees who work with clients hold the license of the National Bank of Serbia for insurance brokerage.


We provide product placement (creating special insurance programs) adjusted to the needs of our clients, risk analysis and management services, consulting and assistance in claim processing.


We focus on risk assessment and analysis for every individual client. Together with the client, we identify and manage the risks. We monitor the trends in insurance coverage around the world.


Za&Svet Ljubljana has been successfully operating in Slovenia since 2003.


In 2012, a unit of APO PLUS was established in Podgorica, Montenegro, allowing us to provide insurance brokerage services to our clients in most countries in the region.


Mrs Nada Klemenčič is the founder and owner of our companies in Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

A word from the founder – Nada Klemenčič

An insurance broker is an irreplaceable partner to the insured. This partnership is based on mutual trust, positive experience, competency and reputation of the broker. To be a successful Insurance Broker means to bring theory and practice together in the most harmonious way possible. In order to ensure the safety of an economic entity, closing an optimal insurance contract is crucial.


Here at APO PLUS we have brought knowledge and experience together. With our professionalism, most of all, and with our reputation and efforts, we have justified the trust placed in us by the numerous insured, as well as the insurance companies. The proof is in the number of clients who have trusted us with their business.


We have been present on the insurance market of Serbia since 2006, and I am happy to say that over that time APO PLUS has gained recognition as one of the largest local intermediaries. We will continue to focus our efforts and hard work on the needs of our insured.


Nada Klemenčič

About Me

In the course of my long professional career I have been a judge, including eight years as a judge of the Supreme Court of Slovenia, the managing director of Sava Re reinsurance company, and for over 14 years (1989 – 2003) the president of the Triglav Group in Ljubljana and the region.


More than thirty-five years of experience in insurance and reinsurance in the Western Balkan markets and collaboration with reinsurance companies across Europe have taught me the truly astonishing importance of this industry and enabled me to establish business contacts with all major insurance companies in Europe, with which I continue to cooperate to this day.


My long-standing experience in responsible positions and understanding of the insurance market also enabled me to choose the best individuals in this market to work at APO PLUS.


Relying on The Power of Unity, rely on APO PLUS to be your partner in the world of insurance, who will keep in mind your wishes and needs to help you reach your insurance goals.


Nada Klemenčič

A word from the director – Goran Čubrilo

Welcome to the APO PLUS d.o.o website!


We believe that each of us have different insurance needs, so the core of our business is to approach each client taking into consideration their individual requirements. Our aim is to provide optimal insurance coverage for every client; ‘tailored’ to their unique preferences and risks to which they are exposed.


Our team comprises of various types of insurance professionals. We have the skills to identify the risks to which our client’s business is exposed, to propose optimal insurance coverage models, to offer the most convenient and competitive insurance conditions and to provide any assistance and help needed with reporting losses and resolving claim issues. It is a continuous process that does not end with the signing of the insurance policy.


We have established excellent cooperation with all insurance companies in Serbia. For the purposes of large and non-standard risks, we have a good cooperation with the London, European and Chinese reinsurance markets. We monitor the development of trends in the foreign (re)insurance markets.


We provide our clients with a full service.


I strongly believe that the satisfaction of our clients is the precondition for long-term cooperation.


Our employees are treated with the same care. We are proud of the fact that all our employees have years of experience working in insurance companies and years of being employed with APO PLUS.


Our success is the result of the quality of business relationships with our clients and the competency of our employees. We are confident that in the insurance business we are able to provide added value to all our clients.


Goran Čubrilo

Our Employees

Our team is made up of highly educated professionals with long-standing experience in the field of insurance.


Knowledge is the primary condition for business success. We value the experience and professional competency of our employees. Knowledge is the guarantee of efficiency and quality.


We strongly believe that well-trained personnel is the precondition for the provision of superior services. That is what we strive for.


We are confident that our employees are top-quality individuals who work well as a team.


We support our employees on their career path, and continue to initiate further professional training and courses.

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