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We offer a wide range of specialized insurance and reinsurance models. Our role is to work closely with our clients to identify the risks that need to be mitigated and prevented, and then to negotiate the price and conditions of the insurance coverage, and to continuously manage the relations with various insurance companies (underwriters), where the potential risk is placed.

1. Risk Assessment & Strategy Development
2. Tailored Program Design
3. Risk Placement
4. Policy Delivery
5. Claims Negotiation
6. Policy Renewal


There is no such thing as “the right” type of insurance. Companies and people are individuals with different priorities who react to different risks, and for that reason they need individual insurance solutions.


We are not happy to be the first to identify a problem. Our goal is to be the first to find the solution. We never make promises concerning services that cannot be provided.


Our business policy is to provide neutral advice for the benefit of our clients. As an insurance broker, we act exclusively on behalf of our clients and we exclusively represent their interests before insurance companies.


Our team possesses specific expert knowledge and experience in the area of reinsurance. Unique requests are a challenge!

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