Insurance Brokerage

We offer a wide range of specialized insurance and reinsurance models. Our role is to work closely with our clients to identify the risks that need to be mitigated and prevented, and then to negotiate the price and conditions of the insurance coverage, and to continuously manage the relations with various insurance companies (underwriters), where the potential risk is placed.


It is important for your insurance broker to be a specialist in the type of insurance that you require, as he/she is expected to establish contact with the relevant underwriters in the local and international insurance markets. Their knowledge and expertise give you an advantage in negotiations. All our associates have years of professional experience in insurance companies, some of them in top management positions.


In order for our clients to be well-informed and in compliance with the laws, we particularly make sure to point out the upcoming regulatory changes. This service enables our clients to receive regular updates on legal requirements in their area of business.

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