Why APO Plus?

Our Advantages

We are licensed by the NBS and registered for insurance brokerage activities;

We conduct our business in full compliance with the law;

We have our clients’ best interest in mind;

We offer a broad range of products and services, our activities provide you with optimal coverage;

We have the knowledge and the expertise in the field of reinsurance. This allows us to conduct non-standard cases and meet the unique demands of our clients;

Our activities help to reduce costs and improve risk management;

We keep our clients informed through various means of communication;

We act proactively throughout the insurance period;

There are various situations in life and various insurance needs. We help you find the right insurance solution;

Small and efficient teams are able to provide quick service to clients;

We apply innovations and worldwide experiences in insurance;

When something goes wrong, we are here;

The services provided by APO PLUS are free for clients (the charges for our services are borne by insurance companies);

The final price (premium) of the insurance policy cannot be higher than the price (premium) the client would pay by going direct to the insurer.

Mission & Vision

APO PLUS Ltd. forges successful partnership’s with its clients, as well as with its employees and business partners, through mutual respect and understanding.


The company is committed to identifying individual needs of the clients with an aim to create the products and provide services of superior quality, which are not available anywhere else.


Establishing the company as a market leader and one of the largest companies in the region, while continuing to strengthen the company’s recognizable brand.


Oriented towards competing on the market based on the services provided, innovative products, diverse channels and manners of distribution, and top quality employees.


Focused on our client, we aim to meet and exceed expectations on a daily basis.

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